Corporate Management Team

Maple Ridge is comprised of three divisions each headed by a General Manager. The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and three General Managers together form the Corporate Management Team, referred to as CMT. CMT provides overall corporate leadership to the organization.

Chief Administrative Officer
The Administration division of the Office of the CAO is responsible for the overall administration of all departments, developing corporate policy, providing leadership and direction for senior staff in the day-to-day and long-term business affairs of Maple Ridge in accordance with Council’s Strategic Plan and providing advice to Council about City organizational and operating procedures.

The division consists of: Communications, Economic Development, the Emergency Program, Human Resources and Sustainability & Corporate Planning.

Corporate & Financial Services

The Corporate & Financial Services (CFS) division is responsible for aligning the core fundamentals of strategic business planning, corporate revenue and cost control and financial risk management to drive success across this organization. The division con­sists of three departments: Clerks, Finance and Information Technology. CFS also pro­vides support to the RCMP, Police Services and the Fire Department and is responsible for maintaining and im­proving the website.

Parks, Recreation & Culture

The Parks, Recreation & Culture (PRC) division’s role is to ensure planning and coordination of resources in the management and development of parks, facility operations and delivery of recreation and cultural services. In addition, PRC provides opportunities that build individual, neighbourhood and community capacity by connecting citizens and groups through education sessions, workshops and planning groups to support community-driven efforts to build community capacity and assets.

Identified community needs are addressed by a variety of approaches from the direct provision of services to establishing partnerships that leverage expertise and funding from other sources. In addition, we are responsible for carrying out corporate initiatives as directed by Council and attend to inquiries and requests for assistance the public.

The division consists of two departments: Parks & Facilities and Recreation & Community Services.
Public Works & Development ServicesThe Public Works & Development Services (PWDS) division is responsible for carrying out corporate initiatives as directed by Council. PWDS provides leadership in the implementation of services including development processing, the issuance of building permits and business licences and the construction, operation and maintenance of City infrastructure. In addition, the division attends to enquiries and requests for assistance from the public.

The division con­sists of four departments: Engineering, Licences, Permits & Bylaws, Operations and Planning. The Ridge Meadows Recycling Society liaises with Council through the division.