Schaffrick, Glenn

I am a husband to my wife Laurie for over 32 years, and father of three grown children.

Since my first son graduated high school I’ve seen housing prices increase exponentially and the dream of owning a home became increasingly elusive.

I want to see them work hard and be able to afford a home in our city like I was.

Maple Ridge needs an active voice to tackle homelessness, get better transit and drive down housing costs.

I will ensure action and decisions are made to better our city for all of our citizen, ensuring city services are accessible and streamlined.

Maple Ridge needs to diversify our tax base by attracting and welcoming businesses, so residents don’t have to shoulder the entire tax burden.

Leadership, action and decisions is what I offer. Send campaign donations to your favourite charity to be used helping others.

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Glenn Schaffrick

: 604-467-2445

Glenn Schaffrick

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