Train Whistle Cessation

Notice of Intent to Pass Whistle Cessation Resolution

In accordance with Section 23.1 of the Railway Safety Act, Maple Ridge Council will be considering a resolution to implement train whistle cessation at eight (8) at-grade railway crossings in the municipality.  It is expected that this resolution will be considered by Council at the Regular Council Meeting to be held on September 18, 2018.

Railway Crossings to Attain Train Whistle Cessation

The eight (8) at-grade crossings considered for train whistle cessation are all part of the Cascade Subdivision and identified as follows:
 Crossing  Milepost  Name
 1 106.2  Maple Meadows Way
 2  105.61 113B Avenue
 3  105.32  Lorne Avenue
 4  105.21  Ditton Street
 5  102.8  224 St/Port Haney Wharf
 6  101.47  River Road/Tamarack Lane
 7  99.76  240 Street
 8  93.8  287 Street

You can view the locations on an interactive map

Background Information

The City of Maple Ridge has been working closely with Transport Canada and CP Rail towards eliminating the use of train whistling within City limits.

This is a formal multi-step process. Here is the work that must be completed before train whistles can cease:

Step 1: Interest for whistling cessation is expressed.
Step 2: Municipality consults with the railway company.
Step 3: Municipality issues notifications and public notice.
Step 4: Municipality and railway assess the crossing(s) against the prescribed requirements in the Grade Crossings Regulations and Standards.
Step 5: Municipality and railway agree that the crossing(s) meets the prescribed requirements of the Grade Crossings Regulations and Standards.
Step 5A (optional): Municipality and railway request a final decision from Transport Canada.
Step 6: Municipality passes a resolution declaring that it agrees that whistles should not be used in that area, thereby prohibiting train whistling.
Step 7: The railway company notifies Transport Canada and informs the municipality within 30 days that it has arranged to have whistling ceased at the crossing(s).
Step 8: Municipality and railway share the responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the conditions that support the cessation of train whistling at the crossing(s).

The City recently commissioned a study and safety audit of all of its railway crossings to identify the required safety upgrades necessary to meet the Transport Canada’s prescribed requirements for Grade Crossing Regulations and Standards.  The identified works for all the crossings are substantially completed and the City expects these to be finalized over the coming weeks.
The proposed Council Resolution on September 18, 2018 is ‘Step 6’ in the official process.  Steps 7 and 8 are procedural in nature and the City anticipates that these will be resolved within the next couple of months and that this process will conclude before years’ end.  We appreciate the patience of citizens as we work through the formal process.

Should you wish to provide comments or seek any additional information prior to Council’s consideration of this resolution please contact Darrell Denton at the City of Maple Ridge by email: or by telephone at 604-467-7477.