Detached Garden Suite Pilot Project

Considering Construction of a Detached Garden Suite?

Detached Garden Suites (DGS) have been permitted in Maple Ridge since 2008. As part of a process to explore opportunities to expand our DGS program, the City of Maple Ridge is looking for property owners who are considering constructing a DGS. If you are interested in one of the following DGS options on your property, we want to hear from you:
  • A Secondary Suite and DGS on the same lot;
  • A DGS that is between 20.3m2 (219 ft2) and 28m2 (300 ft2) in size; or
  • A DGS that is 140m2 (1500 ft2) in size or 15% of the lot area, whichever is less.
The City is interested in working with property owners who would be willing to showcase their property and their DGS story once completed. A process to undertake Zoning Bylaw regulatory amendments will be required for all properties selected to participate. Property owners will be responsible for the work and cost involved in preparing building permit plans, obtaining building permit approvals, and undertaking construction1.
Garden Suites