Accessory Dwelling Unit Review

Let’s Talk Housing – Accessory Dwelling Unit Review

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

In Maple Ridge, an accessory dwelling unit (or ADU) includes secondary suites and detached garden suites (also known as coach or carriage houses) in residential areas.

What is going on?

The City of Maple Ridge is exploring ideas that could, if approved, expand our Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) programs. This review is intended to encourage a greater diversity of housing forms to help improve housing choice within our community. Through this review, the City aims to facilitate more affordable home ownership and more rental housing opportunities within the City.

Online Survey
We are looking for your input on potential new opportunities for secondary suites and detached garden suites in Maple Ridge. Look through the Open House Information Boards and share your thoughts on the proposed ideas through the online survey. The survey will be available until December 16, 2017.

Public Open House
On Saturday, November 25, 2017,  an Open House was held in the Fraser Room in the Maple Ridge Library about accessory housing options for Maple Ridge. At the Open House, a number of new directions were explored, including:
  • Siting requirements and building size;
  • New housing forms, including Tiny Homes;
  • Pre-approved building plan templates to help increase uptake;
  • Allowing a secondary suite and a Detached Garden Suite (DGS) on the same lot;
  • Allowing suites above garages in more single-family residential zones; and
  • Re-considering the owner occupancy requirement.
A copy of the Open House Information Boards is available here

What are the benefits to Accessory Dwelling Units?

Some of the associated benefits from these accessory dwelling units to local residents include:
  • Supporting neighbourhood character;
  • Contributing to greater housing diversity;
  • Increasing ground-oriented rental stock; 
  • Providing additional income to owners;
  • Supporting aging-in-place;
  • Encouraging multi-generational living; and
  • Making efficient use of existing infrastructure. 

Looking for more information?

Please feel free to contact the Planning Department by email or phone at 604-467-7383 at any time with questions or comments on the Accessory Dwelling Unit Review.