Business Retention & Expansion

It's a Great Time to Invest  In Maple Ridge​

Maple Ridge Council has identified creating a vibrant local economy with high value jobs as one its top priorities. More and more businesses are looking to relocate to Maple Ridge to benefit from our affordable land, access to major markets, and high-quality lifestyle. If you're ready to move or expand your business, we're ready to help!! To learn more, please contact Invest Maple Ridge at 604-467-7320.


Maple Ridge Council is committed to supporting the creation of local, high-value jobs, particularly in the growing technology and advanced manufacturing sectors.  The new Employment Land Investment Incentive Program is specifically designed to encourage job creation by supporting private investment in buildings and infrastructure on identified "employment lands". 

To qualify, the project must be on identified Employment Lands and the building permit must be issued between Friday, January 2, 2015 and Friday, December 28, 2018. To find out if your project qualifies, review the categories you're interested in and call us to discuss.

Employment Land Investment Incentive Brochure