Get Involved in Your Community

Maple Ridge is a safe community. The most important thing you can do is live your life and get involved.

Volunteer in the community is a great way to learn more about your community and meet people who will change your life. Sitting around in front of the TV or on social media will just feed you with negative messages. You need to get involved in your community to appreciate all the wonderful things going on and the people that are making this a great place to live. Here’s a link to the volunteer page. There are many worthwhile organizations in our community to donate your time to please visit Community Network Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows - Katzie for a comprehensive list of social services in our community.

The Ridge Meadows Seniors Society is a great place for those of us who are 55+ to make a contribution to the community and meet new friends. This group helps other area seniors stay involved and engaged in the community and organizes a wide variety of events from information forums to social gatherings.

Maple Ridge has a large number of sports and community organizations who are always looking for volunteers. Maybe you have some specific skills or expertise that you can bring to these organizations, or maybe you want to pick up new skills. Here’s the link to the Community Directory.

Our community has an army of volunteers who work behind the scenes helping the more vulnerable members of our community. Here’s a link to the Friends In Need Food Bank. Your time or money is a great investment in our community.

Ridge Meadows Association for Community Living has been active in our community for decades helping our citizens achieve their goals in life and providing resources and support for family members. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of helping a neighbour develop skills and face their developmental challenges with hope and love.

Organize a Block party and meet your neighbours. Connect with your neighbours throughout the year. Building relationships in your neighbourhood improves your sense of well being, your sense of security and strengthens the quality of life for you and your neighbours. $100 Block Party Grants are available to individuals who wish to organize an activity in their neighbourhood which will help families, children and individuals get to know one another. Here is the link to the Block Party Application Form.

The Ridge Meadows Youth Diversion is a non-profit restorative justice program that works with youth in conflict with the law. We provide an opportunity for youth to succeed. We believe that accepting responsibility, being accountable and receiving mentorship helps youth achieve a successful direction in life.

Here is some information on how citizens of Maple Ridge can assist the Syrian Refugees.